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December 12, 2020
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As a brand you want your business to grow. To achieve this vision, you have various ways to go about it. Social Media Marketing is the best way and the most impressive one when it comes to building brand recognition. The social network essentially means you have your loyal and trust-worthy customers associated with your business. Every like, retweet, repost, share, and comment, each one can help increase the brand outreach and make your brand stronger. In case, you wish to create a social media strategy that helps your business gain some loyal customers, then read along.

Make a Connection

Have you noticed the brands that people relate with are the ones they are most likely to recommend? In case, you are wondering what it takes to build a brand on social media, it is always, using the right platform. Some brands might flourish better on Twitter, while some might make it big on Facebook or Instagram. It would be ideal to find your preferred social media platform. The second step to judge the performance would be a bi-weekly report. This helps track the overall performance of the social media brand strategy. You can better identify audience engagement and analyze what is and what is not working for your brand. 

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Brand Logo and Name

A clear logo and a very distinct brand name will set you apart from your peers. When you post on social media, remember to add your brand logo and name. This helps even a random visitor understand your brand and know what it does. Here’s how it helps your brand:

  • Helps promote the company products and services
  • Builds an own brand image in the marketplace
  • Helps the customers in knowing the brand better

Attractive Social Media Profile

When a brand page looks interesting to us, we add ourselves to their following list. A brand social media profile that looks attractive enough to follow, wins half the game. Here are some helpful tips, to earn you some loyal followers:

  • Post interesting content
  • Events that your brand is participating in
  • Mention achievements so far, subtly.
  • Use hashtags that are trending
  • Schedule the posts
  • Some exciting games and contests
  • Participate actively on social media channels. 

Content Strategy

Every platform is different. As a brand understand the difference between each one and post relevant content on the right platform. For instance, writing small tweet type content on Instagram wouldn’t fetch you, followers. Instagram is all about visual pleasure, so aesthetically pleasing posts with relevant content would work the best for Instagram. To create social posts that persuade the visitor to like the content, here are some tips:

  • Use images
  • Create engaging content
  • Play some fun games
  • Use popular #hashtags
  • Use attractive colors in your image

Optimized Social Profile

When you have an optimized profile for your brand, your brand stands out from the crowd. To make sure your social profile stands out, here’s what you can do:

  • Using pictures of your brand cover in your social media account
  • Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, optimize all your social media accounts
  • Fill out all the fields appropriate for creating an account
  • Make your job clear to your crowd
  • Link your account with other accounts on social media
  • Ensure that all the social media pages have the same definition.

Track the Success

Be sure to monitor the overall gain that you can have from your social media branding strategy and also understand that you can measure the following KPIs. Here’s how you track the success of the brand:

  • Likes and comments on the post.
  • The number of retweets or shares. 
  • How many times have you been mentioned or tagged? 

Social Media is an integral part of our daily life. It is something we rely on every day for the latest happenings around the world, entertainment, news, as well as for socializing. If your brand wishes to leverage the power of social media to reach out to a wider audience, then Adbiztech, the best social media marketing agency in Dubai, can help you. 


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