September 30, 2020

Website design plays a crucial part when it comes to user experience. It can make or break the whole experience of your user. To ensure the visitor stays on the website here are some design tips for you.

  • Simple and Unique UI/UX Elements – Hick’s Law is a popular theory in the design space. It states that as the number of choices available for people grows, the time to land up a decision also increases. It can be termed as the no. of choices offered is directly proportional to the final decision time.

For instance, a navigation bar can be designed in a minimalistic manner. The comprehensive design can also be committed to with the following steps:

  • Stock images must be removed.
  • Clear and simple CTA.
  • White spaces must be used wisely.
  • No bulky font elements.

Elements Addition for Real-Time Customer Support

While browsing through the website, people might be perplexed with a few elements or would wish for an immediate solution to the trouble. With real-time customer support implemented on the website, you ensure that no visitor ever leaves the website due to lack of understanding. Live chat tools and chatbots have surfaced to help handle the influx of customer query adeptly.

  • Customizing the chat widget configuration as per the brand voice and topic.
  • AI-controlled visits that perceive the keywords in the message and provide brilliant relevant query solutions.
  • Leaving the basic data about each chat in the backend for other groups to survey.
  • Qualifying, directing and changing the guests to quicken all the deals through targeted messages.

Landing Page Design Element is important

A visually appealing website is sure to minimize the bounce rate. This is how you can achieve all the elements that minimize the website bounce rate.


  • Pick pictures with human countenances to grant a feeling of empathy.
  • Optimizing pictures for an ideal site load speed without settling on their quality.
  • Use large web banner pictures that are set over the crease.


  • Point Sizes
  • Line lengths
  • Typefaces
  • Font type


Negative spaces that appear on the website are ones that are left blank. They are usually utilized to increase the overall focus on some web page elements such as CTAs or also assist with the clean look of the website.


  • Black: Power and strength.
  • White: Purity and innocence.
  • Green: Tranquility, optimism, and good luck.
  • Red: Love and confidence.
  • Orange: Warmth, excitement, and energy.
  • Yellow: Brightness and warmth.

SEO elements must be optimized for Better Organic Ranking

Here are some useful tips to help you better rank in google search engine.

On-Page Optimization –

  • Pick the right keywords and correct topics. Use them in the right places.
  • The content structure must be in place, inclusive of headings, paragraphs, and links.
  • Web page loads must be short.
  • The well-defined URL structure of the website.
  • Responsive web design.

Off-Page Optimization –

  • Keyword enriched anchor text.
  • Backlinks from organically authoritative websites.
  • Competitor analysis.

A famous saying that says “The first Impression is the last impression”, is true in case of website design. It is the first thing that meets the eyes of the visitor. Be sure to grab their attention in the first look itself.

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